Julian is most passionate when working as a songwriter and music composer. This is where he combines music production in many styles. He mainly writes and produces tracks for singer-songwriters and media projects. Production and writing include official top10 artists, computer games and TV. Furthermore, he finds that music and film are closely linked as sound can certainly be visual.

"I remember a time when I was 3 years old and I fell off my bike and both elbows and knees were grazed. I was eventually laying on the sofa, saddened by the accident and my Mum and her friend had been practising a music piece together. It was a Debussy piece and Mum (being a pianist and her friend as flutist) continued to play. Up on the was was a picture by Monet and my Mum's friend told me about the music being inspired by this picture. I listened to the music, in ore. Then as if by magic, the two came to life. I slowly drifted off to a deep sleep, with the picture and music playing together."

To this day, many say that Julian is diverse in his approach to music production. Furthermore, his playing includes anything from Debussy to Chas and Dave to Dance music styles.

Below are various examples, that include music videos of julian's virtuoso. Enjoy...

Music Video's and Film Composer & Adverts

Music Videos

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